Since ancient times, the healing properties of certain natural crystals have aided practitioners in medical science and thus making them an integral part of a living space.

Agate is one such crystal, translucent in nature that is primarily formed by the concentric or horizontal band- like deposition of microcrystalline quartz silicates from groundwater in the cavities of igneous rocks. The banded patterns (chalcedonic in nature) are one of the distinct characteristics of many agates. It was originally founded in Sicily along the banks of the Achetes River, and hence it derives its name.

These gemstones are attributed a wide array of colors, that includes green, blue, pink, black, white, gray, red and brown. The varsity in colors and banded patterns garner them with a peculiar beauty and aesthetics that are soothing to both eyes and mind, making them an instant choice for the people.

Besides the natural curing properties, agates are extremely hard and rate between 6 to 7 on Mohs’ Hardness Scale. The translucence and a greasy luster impart an unparalleled effervescence to an agate slab that scintillates the entire space around.

Agate Blue
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Agate- Gains and Benefits

Comprising of microcrystalline quartz at the heart of their anatomy, agates inherit the resonating properties of their central powerhouse. These vibrations/ resonations in agates are at a relatively lesser frequency than their other quartz relatives. Owing to lesser intensity, agates are known to promote strength and stability in the vicinity.
The underlying purpose which is at the core of agate meaning is to accrue “Balance and Harmony in the body and mind.”
Agates are available in abundance of colors as mentioned above, each having their own healing property. Addressed below are few such examples:

In addition to the benefits highlighted above, agates have a lot of spiritual, physical and emotional healing aspects, of which a few are listed below:

They are known to free up more energy in the body and sanctify the soul.

The vibrations from these crystals help one to overcome inner fears and stand confident.

Composure and Maturity are the major benefits of having agates around.

They’re responsible in developing intelligence and reasoning abilities.

They are the flag bearers of joy, peace and positivity.

Agates are responsible for encouraging vitality, growth, new beginnings and success.

They also have physical gains as they help healing skin problems and allergies, reduce fever, maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system and also help in digestion.

The bag of emotional benefits holds the cards of improved perceptions and sense of reality, better concentration, honesty and self acceptance.


The relatively smaller size, elegant aesthetics, extreme hardness and manifold advantages have rendered their use in many day-to-day articles. A few of them are mentioned as below:

Decorative arts and crafts, such as table tops and paper weights.

Wearable and ornaments such as pins, brooches, pendants, earrings, bracelets, cabochons and necklaces.

Attractive displays and decorative slabs which can be backlit to give a royal look due to the translucence of agates.

Widely used in laboratories for mortars and pestles to crush and mix chemicals due to their high chemical resistance.